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FIP Train the Trainer online course for educators on digital health - Capitalizing on the benefits of digital health
Recent technological advancements have revolutionized clinical practice, and there is need for a pharmaceutical workforce that is well-equipped to embrace, innovate, and capitalize on the benefits of digital health. Findings from the 2021 FIP report on digital health in pharmacy education revealed the need to develop courses, training material and experiential learning opportunities to prepare a digitally literate pharmacy workforce.

The Academic Pharmacy Section, supported by the FIP Provision and Partnerships programme, and many FIP constituencies led a ONEFIP project to develop the first FIP-developed online Train the Trainer (TtT) course. At this event, we will reflect on the progress made to date, launch the TtT course, which targets academics as well as educators in any sector in pharmacy, and how this initiative builds on FIP competency frameworks and reports.

Event outcomes:
1. To describe FIP’s response following the release of digital health in pharmacy education report in 2021.
2. To provide an overview of the FIP Global Platform for Provision and Partnerships.
3. To launch the FIP Train the Trainer online course on FIPx and generate interest in the course

-Barry Bleidt, Prof. Nova Southeastern University College of Pharmacy, USA
-Naoko Arakawa, Assistant Professor in International Pharmacy University of Nottingham, UK

-Dalia Bajis FIP Lead for Provision and Partnerships FIP
- Aukje Mantel-Teeuwisse, Director Utrecht University School of Pharmacy
- Nilhan Uzman, Lead for Education Policy and Implementation FIP- The Netherlands
-Jaime Acosta-Gómez, CPS Professional Secretary, Community pharmacist, Farmacia Acosta -Spain
-Lilian Azzopardi Head, AIM Advisory Committee member, Department of Pharmacy
University of Malta-Malta
-Chu-Chen Cheng, Provision and Partnerships Remote Volunteer, Pharmacist FIP - Taiwan China
-Genuine A. Desireh, Provision and Partnerships Remote Volunteer, Pharmacist FIP – Kenya
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Barry Bleidt
Professor @Nova Southeastern University College of Pharmacy
Dr. Barry Bleidt is a Full Professor in Sociobehavioral and Administrative Pharmacy at the College of Pharmacy Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. He is a registered pharmacist in several states and has worked extensively in both community and hospital pharmacies. He earned a BS Pharmacy from the University of Kentucky, a PhD from the University of Florid, and a PharmD from Xavier University of Louisiana. Dr. Bleidt is an elected Fellow in both the American Pharmacists Association and the National Pharmaceutical Association. He recently received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Pharmacy Section of the American Public Health Association. His research areas include diversity inclusion, cultural factors, futurology, and professional development.
Naoko Arakawa
Assistant Professor in International Pharmacy @University of Nottingham
Dr Naoko Arakawa is Assistant Professor in International Pharmacy at the School of Pharmacy, University of Nottingham, UK. She is also a registered pharmacist in Japan and worked in hospital and community pharmacy for 8 years before postgraduate education in UK. She holds MSc in Clinical Pharmacy, International Practice and Policy, and PhD from the UCL School of Pharmacy in UK. Her research area is pharmacy education and workforce development, competency-based education and training, international education system and development, health systems and services research. Dr Arakawa is an elected Secretary of the Academic Pharmacy Section of the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP), and a global lead of Competency Development of the Workforce Development Hub, FIP.
Dr. Catherine Duggan
Dr Catherine Duggan is the Chief Executive Officer of the International Pharmaceutical Federation. She took up the role in The Hague in June 2018. Catherine is responsible for visionary leadership, support, development, advocacy and growth across the 150 member organisations and the four million members FIP represents. She is responsible for developing and delivery the strategy, planning and working across global organisations such as WHO and UN, and other international professional groups.
Dalia Bajis
Lead for Provision and Partnerships @FIP
Dr Dalia Bajis is the FIP Lead for Provision and Partnerships. Dalia comes from a background in pharmacy practice and academia. She is a registered pharmacist in Australia and has a PhD in pharmacy education and training from the University of Sydney.
Nilhan Uzman
Lead for Education Policy and Implementation @FIP
Nilhan Uzman is a pharmacist trained in Turkey. She is the Global Lead for Education Policy and Implementation at FIP. Her primary focus is developing and delivering FIP’s strategy towards advancing pharmaceutical education globally, regionally and at country level. Nilhan is leading FIP’s digital health in pharmacy education workstream and she is lead editor of the FIP digital health in pharmacy education report.
Jaime Acosta-Gómez
Community pharmacist @Farmacia Acosta
Community pharmacist and pharmacy owner (Madrid, Spain) FIP-Community Pharmacy Section (CPS) ExCo member. FIP Technology Forum member. FIP COVID19 Expert Advisory Group member Comptroller at Hefame (Spanish drug wholesaler). As an experienced community pharmacist, Jaime has played a significant role over many years on different levels representing community pharmacy's interest on a local, national, and international level. Jaime has a strong passion for the future of pharmacy and a deep understanding of the community pharmacy's environment and healthcare's new and changing needs. His leadership and skills have been recognised twice by the WHO with WHO-Armstrong Institute (Johns Hopkins Medicine) Scholarship (2013), and the WHO scholarship grant for "upcoming leaders" (2011), and with the FIP Fellow award (2020).
Lilian Azzopardi
Head, Department of Pharmacy @University of Malta
Lilian M. Azzopardi is a Professor of pharmacy and Head of Department of Pharmacy at the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery ofthe University of Malta. She is Chairperson of the Faculty Doctoral Committee. Professor Azzopardi spearheaded major developments in pharmacy education particularly in pharmacy practice, clinical pharmacy and pharmacy practice research. She served as co-chair of the working group of the FIP Nanjing Statements on Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Education. She is the President of the European Association of Faculties of Pharmacy and a member of the FIP AIM Advisory Committee.
Chu-Chen Cheng
Pharmacist @FIP
Chu-Chen is a hospital pharmacist who currently lives and works in Taiwan. She cares for global health issue,works to explore and tries to extend the role of a pharmacist. She currently serves the FIP as a Provision and Partnerships remote volunteer.
Genuine A. Desireh
Pharmacist @FIP
Genuine is a clinical pharmacist who currently lives and works in Kenya. He has a keen interest in global health, policy making, and pharmaceutical supply chain management. He currently serves the FIP as a Provision and Partnerships remote volunteer.
Aukje Mantel-Teeuwisse
Director @Utrecht University School of Pharmacy
Aukje Mantel-Teeuwisse (PharmD, PhD) is professor of Pharmacy and Global Health at Utrecht University, the Netherlands and Managing Director of the Utrecht Centre of Pharmaceutical Policy and Regulation. She is the Director of the School of Pharmacy and member of a number of educational committees, including the FIP AcPS ExCo