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Developing Authentic Leadership
A Panel Debate with Five World-Class Coaches

The global health crisis has made the leadership skills we learn, use and teach more important than ever. One primary reason many organizations fail is a lack of inspirational leaders at different levels and in different teams.

It is a mistake to think all managers are leaders. People are looking to leaders for cues and signals on how to respond to ever-evolving situations. Leadership that is high tech and high touch, that is full of IQ and EQ, strong and honest, and always authentic. That leadership has a great chance of working.

Do you have to be born with these traits or can coaching help you develop them?

This is a rare opportunity to enjoy 60 minutes with some of the best leadership coaches in the world. Listen in as they answer the tough questions posed this crisis and by you the audience.

Question like:
1. What is authentic leadership? Why is it important? How can a coach help a leader develop that?
2. What assessment and experiences would best aid my development as a leader?
3. I’ve heard that leadership can’t be learned. You are either born with it or not. What do you think?
4. How do you encourage some who should be leading and isn’t, or move someone from good to exceptional?
5. How can leaders reduce the fear factor that seems to have taken hold?
6. How do leaders transfer knowledge and skill throughout their organization?
7. How has the pandemic reprioritized Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion practices?
8. What kind of leadership can really motivate and inspire others to deliver outstanding results?
9. How can leaders as coaches create, develop, or instill a particular company culture in practical ways?
10. What skills and behaviours does one need to master to thrive and excel in a leadership role?
Hear perspectives and ideas from across the world:

- Sandra Marin: Canada
- Chris Hicks: USA
- Clara Wong: China
- Sandeep Budhiraja: India
- Bob Hayward: UK

Apr 22, 2021 11:00 AM in London

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