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Growth on Purpose Keynote
-The 21st Century business model will see a new trading economy rise, where people are no longer looking solely for commercial gain. We will go deeper into the differences between a Purpose-led vs. profit-led approach, and how one creates a pull in the market, and the other a push. Also covering how the businesses that led with a human response to the pandemic are now performing better than before the pandemic.

- We will also be covering the key market trends that have sped up due to the global recession and pandemic:
• From Profit to Purpose
• From Local / Global to Glocal
• From Offline to Online and Offline
• From technology back to nature, with a fusion of technology
• From consumerism to conscious consumption
• From B2B / B2C to Business to People (B2P)

❓ Who will lead us into a new era of trade.. with purpose as the new currency.
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Linzi Boyd
Founder @One Earth
Visionary leader, Linzi Boyd is the woman known for building famous brands and speaking on the world stage about global trends. Here to create the face of the modern world she is also a best-selling author, serial entrepreneur and Founder of One Earth. By age 24 Linzi had set up and sold two businesses. Her second company was sold to Caterpillar and her third business, Surgery, championed some of the most well- respected brands known today. Linzi now works in the enterprise market, teaching entrepreneurs how to build a famous brand for bigger valuation and scale to make impact in the world, changing the way modern business operates and creating the face of modern business. She launched the first purpose led platform One Earth in 2020 which connects people to Unite, learn to grow and trade with positive impact in the world.