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IFCN Dairy Processors, People, Planet and Profit Conference 2021
Read more: https://dairyreport.online/dairy-processor-report
The Top-20 dairy processors are responsible for some 40% of the global raw milk pool that is being processed in factories. At the same time, they have an enormous impact on our societies and the planet. To monitor this, IFCN created a comprehensive analysis to benchmark the processors with a focus on People, Planet and Profit parameters.

During the conference, which will be a free and public event, you can get the latest results how the Top-20 processors performed during the COVID marked year 2020 and learn more about the methodology used to create the analyses. Don’t miss out on the latest insights related to People, Planet and Profit parameters!

PROFIT- The companies’ profitability (EBITDA margin, net profit) and its drivers (15 comparable financial indicators)

PEOPLE- The contribution to dairy farmers, employees, shareholders and via taxes to governments.

PLANET- The companies’ plans on reducing their greenhouse gas emissions and contribution to fulfil the SDG’s.

So why to join this conference?

1. Understand how much milk processing contributes to society
2. Benchmark your dairy company among the 20 biggest dairy processors worldwide
3. Get inspired on how companies tackle sustainability efforts.

Read more: https://dairyreport.online/dairy-processor-report
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