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Build IT LIVE Trailers: Don't let your data be held hostage
Ransomware can do more than cost you money and time. In a world where data protection is expected, and even insured and legislated, falling prey to ransomware can kill your business. Join us for a discussion on the latest ransomware attacks and perpetrators so you can be prepared.

Learning outcomes:
- Understand the current attack landscape
- Learn how ransomware is built and deployed
- Get actionable steps to prevent ransomware from operating in your environment

Get a sneak peek at the Build IT LIVE sponsors and what they're planning for the 3-day, action packed show on July 27-29, 2022 in Jersey City, NJ. We will be giving away some fun prizes, having some laughs and maybe even squeezing out some spoilers from our awesome cast.

Don't forget to register for the event at https://buildit-live.net/


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Juan Fernandez
Brand Ambassador @Build IT by Design
Ben Jenkins
Cybersecurity Director @ThreatLocker
Ben Jenkins, Director, Cybersecurity, has a decade of experience working within the technology sector. Ben specialises in working with SME’s, helping them implement technical solutions that will grow and scale their businesses. As a ransomware expert, Ben spends most of his free time educating others about the importance of cyber security. When he’s not on the road, you’ll find him testing new technical solutions and advising on current infrastructure. Ben has presented at many major events across the globe, and taken part in various panel discussions. Before joining Threatlocker, Ben worked in a variety of roles from support technician, to systems engineer. Together, these roles have enabled Ben to become the technology expert he is today.