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CN-BC “Go to China” Meet-up #7: Daniel Gebhardt - How to negotiate and build trust with Chinese business partners
China is a country of sharp contrasts: Millennia-old traditions, a strong state government, and high technology shape this huge country and its mentalities. Against this background, communicating and negotiating with Chinese business partners conceals many pitfalls and imponderables. Negotiation situations are shaped not only by the foreign language but also by the different self-perceptions of cultures. What do you have to consider when negotiating projects? How do you create the necessary trust together?
After a general Introduction by Daniel Gebhardt there will be a limited number of individual 20 minute sessions with him for your specific questions.
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Daniel Gebhardt
Daniel is teaching intercultural communication for management at AMD Berlin (Fresenius University of Applied Sciences). His experience feeds from his work as senior consultant for omnichannel marketing within the global pharma industry and years as a business strategist and corporate communications consultant on open-innovation and digitization projects in financial, chemical and textile industries.