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Security Officers post Covid-19: An Enhanced Role or More of the Same?
Has the time come to properly recognise the dynamic role good security officers play? Or do we need to recognise that post Covid-19, when economic realities bite, their role will be back to what it was pre the crisis, at best? On the one hand we have witnessed panellists in previous webinars discuss the evolving role of those on the front line carrying out a broader range of diverse tasks. Then on the other we have heard some panellists argue that security officer roles will be undertaken by other staff, replaced by technology, and security will be largely dispensable with the economic hardships that will inevitable ensue. This webinar we consider these issues:

Given the growing recognition of the value of security in the crisis, what are the implications for the role of security officers?
Does the involvement of security officers in more varied tasks, spell a dilution of the security officer’s’ roles or an enhancement of their position?
What is it realistic to expect from security officers post Covid-19?

Jun 9, 2020 03:30 PM in London

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