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Inequality and Precarity: Life and Work during the COVID-19 Pandemic
The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted life across the globe and multiple life contexts, including health, safety, work, relationships, social and political life, and overall psychological and physical well-being.

One of the most disturbing revelations is the continued erosion of work as an institution. Prior to the pandemic, societies were grappling with growing precarious work and inequality. These phenomena have become even more pronounced during this era of loss and uncertainty. In this presentation, participants will learn about the impact of growing inequality and precarity in work and in related life roles.

The presentation will review the nature and impact of precarity and inequality and will describe how these experiences can become internalized as core psychological, social, economic, and political states. Implications for career practice will be reviewed, which include the development of intervention strategies that acknowledge the changing reality and that provide clients with useful perspectives and tools.

Using psychology of working theory as a framework to inform practice, the presentation will review the use of theory-driven needs assessments to guide practice; building on the results from the needs assessment, participants will learn how to identify and foster adaptive sources of agentic action to support individuals faced with massive changes in their work lives.

An example of a community-based intervention focused on providing support and preventive resources for unemployed adults (known as the Work Interventions Network) will be reviewed, In addition, implications for systemic change that are informed by career development and psychology of working theory and research will conclude the presentation.

Professional Standards Competency - Career Development Theory

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Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania, ACT - 11:00
South Australia - 10:30
Queensland - 10:00
Northern Territory - 09:30
Western Australia - 08:00

Nov 18, 2021 11:00 AM in Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

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David L. Blustein
Professor and Golden Eagle Faculty Fellow @Department of Counseling, Developmental, and Educational Psychology at Boston College
David L. Blustein is a Professor and the Golden Eagle Faculty Fellow in the Department of Counseling, Developmental, and Educational Psychology at Boston College. David is the author of The Psychology of Working: A New Perspective for Career Development, Counseling, and Public Policy and the recently published The Importance of Work in an Age of Uncertainty: The Eroding Experience of Work in America. He also has contributed numerous articles and book chapters on psychology of working theory, unemployment, career counseling, career development education, decent work, relationships and work, and other aspects of the role of work in people’s lives. David has consulted with national and international organizations, such as the International Labor Organization, OECD, and the United Nations Development Program.