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The Mindful Nonsmoker
If you've been finding it difficult to quit smoking or vaping, you may have felt that you were fighting against your own wishes -- feeling punished and deprived while "trying to quit." The most common approach to stopping smoking involves a fear-based battle mentality against cigarettes and smoking behaviors.

But there is a better way. A much more effective and much easier way to succeed.

A 15-year study of smokers who quit easily reveals that their successful approach relies primarily on attitude change. Becoming a nonsmoker easily involves creating and maintaining the right attitude about nonsmoking -- getting very clear about one's true desires, having a properly motivated (positive) approach to the change, and learning to sustain a productive mindset that is focused on the benefits of being smoke-free.

Mindfulness techniques provide a way for us to not only remain focused on the benefits of nonsmoking, but also to create new and intentional responses to triggers and "craving." By learning to accept such experiences as harmless and temporary, we can disempower them and move forward toward our preferred outcome of smoke free well-being.

A smoker who is trying to quit says: "I really want to smoke, but I can't!"
A mindful nonsmoker says: " I could smoke anytime I want to, but I don't want to."

Colorado's top tobacco expert and former 30-year heavy smoker Frank Oden has been kicking butts in Denver since 2005. He has facilitated hundreds of group events and coached thousands of individual clients to stop easily, immediately and permanently.

You don't need drugs to stop smoking. You don't even need willpower.
All you have to change is your mind.

Length: 90-120 minutes with interactive Q&A

Cost: FREE

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