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Revealing DNA-binding protein dynamics during DNA condensation
Are you working in the field of DNA-binding proteins, like DNA repair, organization, or replication? Studying these processes and validating the molecular mechanism often requires direct functional evidence. In this webinar, you will learn about the technology allowing you to directly visualize the dynamics of biological complexes. Dr. Fernando Moreno Herrero will share his newest research findings on the bacterial DNA condensation system, revealing his insights that were made possible by adding the dynamic single-molecule technology to his toolbox.

Abstract by Dr. Fernando Moreno-Herrero (CNB, Madrid):
Faithful segregation of bacterial chromosomes relies on the ParABS partitioning system and the SMC complex. The ParABS system consists of the ATPase protein ParA, the DNA-binding protein ParB, and a centromere-like palindromic DNA sequence named parS. In this seminar, first, I will give you an overview of our previous studies regarding the interaction of ParB with DNA. Then, motivated by the recent finding that ParB is a CTPase, I will focus on our latest work that investigate the role of cytidine triphosphate (CTP) binding and hydrolysis in the critical interaction between parS DNA sequences and ParB. We have employed a combined optical tweezers confocal microscope to directly observe the specific interaction of ParB with parS and non-cognate sequences, and magnetic tweezers to reveal an efficient DNA condensation at nanomolar ParB concentrations.

Key learning objectives:
1) How dynamic single-molecule technology provides direct proof of DNA-binding protein mechanisms
2) Novel combinatorial strategy revealing direct observation of ParB-DNA interaction dynamics and efficient DNA condensation
3) New insights into how CTP binding and hydrolysis affect DNA-binding of the ParB protein

Who should attend?
Anyone working on DNA-binding proteins and with a strong interest in revealing the function of molecular processes, or with a specific interest in the ParABS system

Nov 18, 2021 05:00 PM in Amsterdam

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