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SCHS: Plant Hormones: Knowing and Managing Them for Better Results
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Have you ever wondered why your plant has a sudden burst of growth after transplanting? Or how the plant "knows" to grow new parts when pruned or how a cutting knows to make roots? Maybe you’ve even wondered about how a banana knows to ripen or why leaves all of a sudden turn yellow when you bring a plant home?

Find answers to these questions and others about why your plants grow the way they do during this informative yet not so technical presentation by Ernesto Sandoval, Director of the UC Davis Botanical Conservatory.

Aug 13, 2020 07:30 PM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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Ernesto Sandoval
Director @UC Davis Botanical Conservatory
Ernesto Sandoval has been wondering and seeking questions to why plants grow and look the way they do for quite a long time. When he was about 13 he asked his dad why one tree was pruned a particular way and another tree another way, and the answer was simply “because that’s the way you do it.” Ever since then he’s been learning and educating himself about the answer to that pruning question and so many others, first by getting a degree in Botany from UC Davis, and then through working for over 30 years at the UC Davis Botanical Conservatory in jobs beginning with student weeder/waterer, and culminating in his current position of Conservatory Director.