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SCHS: Micro-Forests in Los Angeles with Horticulturist and educator Katherine Pakradouni
On August 11 the Southern California Horticultural Society will be hosting Katherine Pakradouni, a native plant horticulturist and educator, who will speak to us (both live and streaming) about urban micro- forests. Her program will serve an introduction to the Miyawaki afforestation method and its applicability for ecological restoration, biodiversity enhancement, as well as community engagement in urban Los Angeles. She designed L.A.’s first micro-forest project in Griffith Park, and will be looking at it as a case study to aid in explaining this concept.

Pakradouni will share how, in the 1970s, Japanese botanist and ecologist Akira Miyawaki, pioneered his method of creating indigenous micro-forests all over the temperate and tropical world as a tool to address climate change and restore biodiversity in urban areas. She will explore the big-picture topic of the significance and impact of micro-forests in L.A. and provide insights into how this international method can be adapted for use in our drier, Mediterranean climate. Since the installation of the Griffith Park project in June of 2021, interest has been growing to install more micro-forests in different areas throughout L.A., in order to facilitate wildlife connectivity, restore ecological health, and increase access to nature in our city.

We are looking forward to learning about the Miyawaki Method – and how variations of this method may be used to aid in mitigating current ecological challenges – from a horticulturist experienced in the practice. Pakradouni currently works for the National Park Service/Santa Monica Mountains Fund as the nursery manager for the Liberty Canyon Wildlife Crossing, is the Council District 4 representative of the Community Forest Advisory Committee, and also consults privately on numerous habitat enhancement projects throughout L.A.

The webinar schedule is as follows:

7:10 pm - SCHS Announcements
7:15 pm - Plant Forum
7:30 pm - Lecture and Q&A with Katherine Pakradouni


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