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Michael Teaches 2 Over 1
Join Bridge with Larry Cohen instructor Michael Berkowitz as he teaches you modern, 2 over 1 bidding. 2 over 1 is what most experts play, but it's also easier than Standard American, so it's time to come into the 21st century and learn. This course will take you from the basics into the details that sometimes trip up even experienced partnerships.

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The lesson schedule (past webinars are available for purchase in the Store at Larryco.com):
5/1 Intro to 2-Over-1
5/8 Semi-Forcing Notrump
5/15 Responding with Invitational Hands
5/22 The 2C Response and game forcing auctions
5/29 Opener's Rebid
6/5 Slam Bidding and Fast Arrival

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Michael Berkowitz
Bridge with Larry Cohen Instructor
Michael is a well-loved teacher, director, and writer who combines information with a keen sense of humor. You can read his writing at Larryco.com or in the ACBL Bridge Bulletin.