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Commercialising Direct Air Capture
You probably know Direct Air Capture is about taking CO2 from the air, and you might have seen prices of $300 to $600 per tonne of CO2. If we could remove CO2 from the air inexpensively our concerns about global warming could be over. Are we moving in that direction?

There are interesting projects looking at new designs which promise big reduction in costs if DAC was done on a very high scale.

In this webinar, we'll review the developments so far, the government support to move forward, and get an understanding of what might be possible.

We'll hear from Reyad Fezzani, vice chairman of Carbon Collect, which is commercialising technology developed at Arizona State University to capture CO2 from air by letting it blow across large disks coated with solvent / sorbent, so no fans required.

We'll hear from Jason Hochman, co-founder and senior director of the Direct Air Capture Coalition.

Under the US Inflation Reduction Act of August 2022, the tax credit available if you collect a tonne of CO2 from the air and sequester it has gone up from $50 to $180, a little bit less if you're doing enhanced oil recovery with it.

The IRA also decreased the minimum amount of capture to access the credit from 100,000 tonnes per year to 1,000 tonnes per year, which makes it much more accessible to smaller companies. And it is available for schemes constructed up to January 2033.

This webinar is planned to coincide with New York City Climate Week (Sept 19-25).

Our format is 2 x 15 minute presentations from Reyad and then Jason, then we'll take questions from the audience and finish an hour from now,

Sep 22, 2022 04:00 PM in London

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