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Wholesaler Bootcamp and Accountability Call
The Wholesaling Mastermind was created with new wholesalers in mind.

We encourage our wholesalers to set up the best wholesaling systems, so You can get the maximum return on Your investments!

We started this Wholesaler Mastermind and Accountability Call, so we could find more off-market deals by training new wholesalers how to build lists, find phone numbers, create solid mailing, emailing, texting and cold calling campaigns that will boost your effectiveness and likelihood of closing more deals.

Your Success is directly tied to how many calls you make and how many people you can contact in general. This group is dedicated to helping you reach your goals and we do it through education, sharing what is working and by holding each-other accountable to your commitments.

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Gualter Amarelo
Real Estate Mentor @GualterAmarelo.com
This comprehensive training program is taught by Gualter Amarelo. You may know him as the author of the books “Broke To A Quarter Million” and “Get The Deal”, as well as the creator of numerous life-changing trainings on wealth and mindset. Over the years, he’s earned more than $5 million through his businesses – nearly $1 MM simply by using his own real-world experiences to help hundreds of students create high levels of success in their own lives. But Gualter wasn’t always a millionaire. In fact, for about 10 years he struggled with a series of failed business ventures – wondering why it seemed impossible to get any of his ideas off the ground. At one point he was so broke he had to move in with his brother – embarrassing at any age, but especially at age 30! Then, he received some advice that would change his life forever. A wealthy mentor told him to study the strategies and mindset of people who were already rich and to find out what they had in common that made them so successful
Darina Pogodina
Real Estate Investor & Agent @Do Perfect Homes, LLC
Growing up in Russia money was an evil topic and it was never discussed at a family dinner table. Darina’s parents lived every day with a scarcity mind-set and her dad worked hard, paycheck to paycheck. This had a powerful impact on Darina as a young adult and sadly she saw that happening here in America, the land of opportunities and what she believed the place of abundance. Darina’s passion has ignited to challenge the status Quo of an average American which is to, "retire at 70, miss out on life and hope you have enough to scrape by in retirement". She is committed to defeat poverty by teaching people how to become millionaires. Darina runs a multifamily investor MeetUp and helps host weekly trainings with over 6000pp. She invests time learning, teaching, networking, traveling and horseback riding. Darina and her team has created a powerful movement building 100 millionaires, they cannot settle for status Quo. Darina runs an Affiliate Program that teaches how to earn money fast!
Elizabeth Miller
Real Estate Analyst @Crown Key
Elizabeth Miller is on the hunt for off-market deals and using cold calling as the primary marketing method. With a background in customer service and sales she has developed best practices, emotional intelligence, and negotiation skills over the years to fuel her investing endeavors. Reaching out to network with investors, agents, contractors and other industry professionals to ensure good communication and outcomes. Connecting with owners to relieve them of their problem properties or emotionally distressed situations, solving problems along the way. Investing has always been part of the retirement plan and it is an evolving path with rental property and fix and flip projects. She is passionate about real estate investing, professional development, and entrepreneurship.