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Change and movement
Water that does not flow stagnates, rots, and smells bad; we all know that. But all life that does not flow also rots and smells bad. Our life is only worthy of this name if it flows if it is in motion. Whether out of cowardice or laziness, however, or even inertia - although it is almost always fear that mostly paralyzes us. We all tend to stay still and, even more, to lock ourselves up. Casting ourselves is not just staying still; is to hinder any future movement.

We re creating five sessions to get moving. Paradoxically that means stopping to observe. Pause to get a better look. Attending to find yourself in silence. Letting go to discover oneself alive while one flows. To live, accept, and be the change. This LUAN series will be an opportunity to be with oneself to focus and recharge at the beginning of a new year and be more aware of our radical mutability.

We look for jobs that assure us, marriages that assure us, firm and clear ideas, conservative parties, rites that give us an impression of continuity ... We look for protected housing, well-covered sanitary systems, investments with minimal risk, go on the insurance ... AND This is how the river of our life encounters obstacles in its course, until one day, without warning, it stops flowing. We live, yes, but very often we are dead. We have survived ourselves: there is biology, but no biography.
Pablo d’Ors (2016)
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