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Presented by Mels Boer, Global Dairy Analyst of Hoogwegt Group

Crude oil is a product that needs to be refined. The demand for e.g. tarmac, gasoline, panty stockings, plastic, jet-fuel, etc is impacting the price of crude oil.
As you all know the world has changed after the outbreak of covid-19. Demand for gasoline and jet fuel has fallen of a cliff, and so did the price of crude oil.

In this GDF Webinar Mels Boer of Hoogwegt (dairy trader) will do a similar exercise for milk.

Raw milk is a fantastic product that can be refined. The demand for e.g. piglet milk, ice cream, protein concentrates, fat filled milk powder, leather polish etc. is impacting the price of raw milk
As you all know the world has changed after the outbreak of covid-19. Demand for dairy products has been remarkably good, but can we anticipate what is going to happen next for the dairy demand?

As raw milk is a combination of three valuable components: carbohydrates, protein and fat, we will try to identify how demand will change going forward for these three components.


Please note that the time mentioned (8.30PM), is Amsterdam timezone.
The webinar will last approx. 60-80 minutes.
Part 1: Main Presentation and Q&A (60 minutes)
Part 2: Live Discussion (20 minuten)

Dec 16, 2020 08:30 PM in Amsterdam

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Mels Boer
Global Dairy Analyst @Hoogwegt Group
Hoogwegt is ’s worlds biggest privately owned dairy trader, with offices around the globe and sales in 130 different countries. Mels is responsible for building global Supply and Demand algorithms and forecasting future dairy market moves. Besides his roll as analyst, Mels is also running a proprietary trading book within the Hoogwegt organisation. Hoogwegt is a family owned trading house, trading the whole dairy complex from raw milk to Whey Powder Isolates. For many years Hoogwegt has been the exclusive buyer of various products / for specific markets for companies like Friesland Campina, Fonterra, Polmlek, Vreugdenhill and many others. Besides these trading activities Hoogwegt also owns and rents dairy factories around the world. Global turnover is > Euro 3 billion / year.