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FESPA Coffee Break: Circular thinking, how to prepare for a REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE business model
In this FESPA Coffee Break, we’ll focus our discussion on how to get started with circular thinking to preserve resources and extend the useful life of our materials.

Climate Change brings a need to address our working practices and business goals, we know that all of our production materials have an impact on the environment. By considering the life cycle of our printed products we can find ways to increase their lifespan or reuse potential.
This process answers the needs of changing consumer expectations and when taken seriously will establish leadership and prevent the pain when new legislative penalties where ‘the polluter pays’ principle is invoked.

We have the benefit of two printing industry experts, Clare Taylor, Chartered Environmentalist and founder of Clare Taylor Consulting, offering practical and cost-effective help to improve environmental performance and reduce costs. They mainly work with small businesses, where a proven track record helps reduce costs and gain customers.

We’ll also be joined by Nathan Swinson-Bullough, Managing Director of ImageCo in Leeds since 2015 but his workplace from 2003. This creative graphics printer has demonstrated a full commitment to sustainability and addressing its energy efficiency, material selection and print technology to drive down its Carbon footprint. Circular thinking is the latest step towards creative an optimal model for the future.

Jun 15, 2021 11:00 AM in London

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Clare Taylor
Consultant @Clare Taylor Consulting
Clare Taylor is an independent environmental consultant and writer with many years in print. She started Clare Taylor Consulting over 20 years ago and prior to that worked for agencies and major corporates managing print, paper and environmental performance across the supply chain. Since setting up her consultancy she has worked with a wide variety of printers, paper companies, equipment manufacturers and end users in areas related to print, paper and publishing. With an established track record as consultant, she is well known in the industry and has spoken at many conferences on print, paper and related environmental issues, both in the UK and mainland Europe. A Chartered Environmentalist, Member of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment, a Registered Environmental Auditor and ESOS Lead Assessor and Fellow of the RSA, her environmental disciplines are broad ranging but focused on working within industry, helping businesses build sustainable futures.
Nathan Swinson-Bullough
Managing Director @ImageCo Ltd
Nathan is the Managing Director of Imageco Visaul Imaging in Leeds and Fespa UK board member. He has always been driven by creativity but more recently focus has turned to sustainability. As a lover of the outdoors he has acknowledged the environmental issues that Imageco face and the problems we need to over come. He believes the print industry needs to make a shift to both reduce it’s carbon footprint and the waste it produces. Nathan believes in looking to creating a balance between being a busy print and signage company and having minimum impact on the environment. The future of print depends on this and only collectively as an industry can we achieve what needs to be done.