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How to manage your bunker risk with Dataloy + Prosmar
Do you know how changes in bunker prices impact your bottom line? If bunker prices skyrocket, are you safe? If bunker prices plummet, do you have risks in a different form? Does your bunker surcharge efficiently address your exposure, or are there blind spots that leave you vulnerable? Are you aware of factors and variables which will cause prices to fluctuate daily?

The world is interconnected now, and it only takes a tiny spark to send prices toppling or surging. The integration between Dataloy and Prosmar´s Bunker Dashboard can help you collect and analyse valuable data by managing the whole bunker process, from purchasing to invoicing, in one system and adequately assessing your risk exposure.

Attend this live webinar where Ali Jourabchi, CEO of Prosmar AS, demonstrates how to gauge your exposure and respond appropriately via bunker benchmarking and planning. This is a simple step in tackling a critical challenge; Prosmar is here to walk you through your exposure and minimise risk in a volatile market vulnerable to quick surges and operate with certainty.
– The importance of risk management in a volatile bunker market
– Benchmark and plan for bunkers: integration functionality
– How to make sense of the data to manage risk
– Q&A


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