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Hello…Are You Listening?
Are you an active or a passive listener…maybe a bit of both? Stronger relationships are built and thrive through active listening. Although an essential soft skill, listening is often given short-shrift as we blame poor listening on the need to multi-task.

This program gives oodles of tips on becoming a highly touted (and valued) active listener. And you will learn passive listening taboos that you may not even be aware of and the damage they do.

You will learn how to listen to understand rather than simply waiting your turn to speak as you tune out everyone else. Yes, even when they drone on and on!
Become an intentional (active) listener…generates better engagement, stronger connections, increased communication clarity with an added bonus of improved time management!

Upon each webinar registration and a paid fee of $45.95, a workbook will be available for download to maximize the learning experience.

And each participant will receive a certificate of completion post-webinar with our thanks for attending.
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