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The gut microbiome is key to nestmate recognition in the honey bee
A Talk by Dr Cassondra Vernier, hosted by the CABK

Mar 18, 2021 07:30 PM in London

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Dr Cassondra Vernier
Postdoctoral Research Associate @University of Illinois
Dr. Cassondra Vernier is a biologist interested in the molecular mechanisms that underly animal social behaviours. She earned her PhD in Evolutionary Biology from Washington University in St. Louis in May 2019, where she worked in the lab of Dr. Yehuda Ben-Shahar. As a graduate student she studied how honey bee nestmate recognition cues develop as bees transition from nursing to foraging behaviours, and discovered that the bee microbiome plays an important role in defining differences in nestmate recognition cues between colonies. She is currently in Dr. Gene Robinson’s lab at the University of Illinois, where she continues to study the role of the microbiome in honey bee behaviour. Honey bees rely on nestmate recognition to recognize and reject intruders¬ such as parasites, predators and robbers from entering their hive. This behaviour is performed at the entrance to the hive by guard bees.