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Introduction to the SCS
In this session, we will be doing an overview of the SCS exam. Whether you are completely new or already familiar with CIMA case study exams, this session will give you all the information you need to know about the mechanics of the exam. Specifically, we will address the purpose of the exam, key exam details and terminology, how the exam is created, the exam software and other important aspects of the exam to help ensure that you pass in your upcoming sitting!


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Hugh Martin
Director of Content @VIVA Financial Tuition
As VIVA's Director of Content, Hugh has in-depth expertise of the CIMA syllabus. CGMA Hugh knows a thing or two about how to ace CIMA exams: he passed four exams in four months and placed 1st in Ireland for the Operational Case Study exam. Hugh has taught right across the CIMA syllabus, but he specialises in case studies (OCS, MCS and SCS). He also teaches VIVA's P1 course.