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State of play of Post Quantum Cryptography
Large-scale quantum computers will outperform classical computers in solving certain hard computational problems. Amongst these are RSA and elliptic curve discrete logarithm problem, which form the basis of contemporary public key cryptography underlying all Internet security.

NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) is currently running a PQC (Post quantum cryptography) competition to standardize quantum-secure public key cryptosystems.

The reconfigurability of FPGAs will play an important role in PQC adoption, as it will allow simultaneous support for both classical and PQC public key cryptography. Another distinct advantage of FPGAs is algorithm agility, which will enable continuous support for the most recent versions of the evolving PQC standards.

Xiphera's webinar 'State of play of Post Quantum Cryptography' will review the state-of-play of PQC standardization, and summarizes the current status of FPGA support for PQC algorithms.

Mar 9, 2022 04:00 PM in Helsinki

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