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Did surfaces enable the origins of life?
Fluicell proudly presents a thought-provoking symposium with Professor Irep Gözen from University of Oslo on the impact of lipid membranes and surfaces on the emergence of primitive cells. See below for a detailed description of the symposium.

The possible role of interfaces in the emergence of primitive cells on the early Earth

My soft matter research group investigates the autonomous transformation of phospholipid agglomerates into membrane compartments through a sequence of topological changes on solid interfaces. This process is initiated by contact and wetting of artificially created as well as natural surfaces by the lipids, and proceeds via a network of interconnected lipid nanotubes to produce nearly uniform lipid bilayer compartments. Under minimal assumptions it is conceivable that such process could have occurred on the early Earth, where the autonomous formation of simple membrane compartments is presumed to have enabled encapsulation of nucleotides and prebiotic chemistry precursors. According to the currently accepted “bulk hypothesis”, such compartments could have spontaneously formed under moderate environmental conditions from fatty acids and lipids suspended in bulk aqueous medium. Only very recently, surfaces have emerged as potential supporting structures for the self-assembly of prebiotic compartments.

In my lecture, I will report on new evidence for the involvement of surfaces in protocell nucleation, growth, and spontaneous sub-compartmentalization, temperature-induced compartment fusion and encapsulation of external material. The lecture will highlight the implications of the new findings for our understanding of possible origin of life processes, and argue that materials properties-driven autonomous processes on solid interfaces might have greater role in the development of life than currently considered.


Mar 10, 2021 04:00 PM in Stockholm

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Irep Gözen
Associate Professor @University of Oslo
Irep Gözen is Associate Professor at the department of chemistry and the department of medicine at the University of Oslo, Norway. She is head of the bionanotechnology and membrane systems group, which uses cell-like constructs to understand the material forces behind the emergence of the first primitive cells. Irep has a postdoc from Harvard University, USA and a PhD from Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden.