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HPV vaccine schedules and Sub-Saharan Africa
Sub Saharan Africa (SSA) has a very high burden of cervical cancer. HPV vaccines are being introduced in many countries in the region but there are many challenges in implementation for the adolescent population. Two recent studies have recently reported at medical conferences (IPVC 34 Toronto) the interim results of trials with a 1 dose regimen of the bivalent vaccine Cervarix and the 9 valent vaccine Gardasil 9 to young girls and women.

In this webinar, the principal investigators of these trials, Dr Ruanne Barnabas, Dr Nelly Mugo, and Dr Deborah Watson-Jones will present their results and discuss the implications with respect to vaccine implementation and effectiveness in the SSA setting. SSA also has a high incidence of HIV infection and a frequently asked question concerns the potential impact of HIV infection on HPV vaccine effectiveness in SSA and this will be discussed by Dr Helen Rees.
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Margaret Stanley, Professor (Moderator)
University of Cambridge
Deborah Watson-Jones, Professor
Mwanza Intervention Trials Unit, National Institute for Medical Research
Nelly Mugo, Associate Research Professor
Department of Global Health, University of Washington and the Center for Clinical Research, Kenya Medical Research Institute
Ruanne Barnabas, Chief
Division of Infectious Diseases Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA, USA
Helen Rees, Professor
Wits RHI at the University of Witwatersrand