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World Premier -- Magnibot Robotic wireless camera
Magnibot is a discreet motorized robotic camera for remote viewing that a low vision student can control from virtually any device – laptop, iPad or Chromebook.

In 45 minutes, special guest, Umang Dua, Chief Technology Officer of Try Sight, will preview how this new battery operated, wireless camera can be a gamechanger in any classroom.
With no software to install and accessible via any web browser, the Magnibot eliminates the need for complex setup, training or access to school Wifi. Experience how Magnibots delivers precisely controlled movement for quality distance viewing with simple touch gestures.

• Optical Zoom
• Multiple Colour Modes and contrast adjustments
• Digitally controlled movement
• And Image capture

Join us for a first look at this exciting new technology for low vision users.


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Umang Dua
President @TrySight
Umang is the President at TrySight, which has been developing high tech products for those with low vision for 15 years. TrySight's portfolio includes screen magnification, handheld, tablet and wearable based solutions for the visually impaired.