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Yemenite Men & Women and thier Music - Barak Oded
The Yemenites were a fixed community in the southern Arabian peninsula for 3,000 years. Barak Oded is a musicologist who specializes in Yemenite songs of all types, as well as the language and tunes involved in the context of other Jewish communities. In these sessions, Barak will show the uniqueness of Yemenite song and prayers as they were distinct from other communities. Prayers were chanted, there wasn't and still isn't music and song in liturgical services. Men would sing songs based on Jewish texts, and in Hebrew, while women would sing in Arabic about daily life.

Samples of each of these categories will be presented throughout these presentations.

Jun 7, 2020 07:00 PM in Jerusalem

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Barak Oded
Musical director and conductor
Barak Oded is the musical director and conductor of choirs and singing groups in Israel. A gifted bass singer, he performed in several ensembles including Vocal Octet, and has performed all around the world, including India and Kenya. He studied music instruction and conducting at the Lewinski school. He has served as a teacher of music in several schools, including the School for Stage Arts in Tel-Aviv. Barak is the conductor and musical director of four choirs in Israel, with whom he participates in international choir conferences, festivals, and exchange concerts with sister-choirs, including those who are associated with twin-cities world-wide. He and his choirs perform concerts in the framework of dedicated overseas tours. His choirs include a Yemenite choir from Rosh Ha’ayin, a Yemenite children’s choir, and an Israeli gospel choir.