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Algal Blooms, Environment & Economy | Capitol Connection webinar
Calls for wetland conservation made their way into the airwaves and email inboxes late last year. Advocates wanted to protect this critical ecosystem to help prevent the Great Lakes' now-infamous algal blooms.

These big, toxic flourishings of algae are largely caused by animal waste contaminating our waters. Wetlands—sometimes considered the kidneys of Planet Earth—filter pollutants like manure and fertilizers out from water as it travels toward the lakes and streams we love.

Among the wetlands advocates was Paul Doute, a Coast Guard-certified Great Lakes charter boat captain. He first noticed algal blooms on the waters of Lake Erie over a decade ago. Now he has to boat people far out into the water so they can safely fish, sometimes even crossing the border into Ohio to find a good spot.

Algal blooms aren't just posing threats on charter boat businesses like Doute's. They're creating ripple effects across economies, communities, and ecosystems.

Join Doute and Michigan Environmental Council water director Megan Tinsley at 11:30 a.m. this Friday as they discuss how algal blooms are affecting life in Michigan and beyond and the improvements we can make in a new legislative cycle.

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