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Kevin Brady & Rod Johnston, MBA, CMA
@OMNI Practice Group
Rod started Omni in 2004 with two things in mind; provide a Nordstrom like service to help doctors with their transitions and be an expert resource to medical professionals. He developed systems and processes in the brokerage industry that are mimicked throughout the nation. He and his company have transitioned hundreds of practices with great success while maintaining a “win-win” relationship between his clients. Rod’s background in accounting, finance, sales, and real estate make him one of the most well-rounded practice transition consultants in America. Kevin has been providing support in the dental community for over 30 years. He has advised dentists with innovative business and technology solutions to assist with managing their practices more efficiently, increasing patient care, and achieving maximum productivity, and plan and execute successful practice transitions. Kevin is a Certified Real Estate Broker in CO who holds a BS degree in Marketing and a minor in Economics.
Mike Shoun & Ingrid Snow
@Affordable Image Dental Marketing
Affordable Image founder and CEO Mike Shoun was born an entrepreneur. As a child he dreamed of working in the business world and since then, he has started multiple small companies for himself and others. His insight into upcoming trends has been a crucial factor in Affordable Image’s success. Having spent the last two decades at Affordable Image, he has seen it grow from 3 employees to over 25. Even in the worst economy, Mike has kept his eye on the ball and continued to help Affordable Image grow. Ingrid has been partnering with dentists to help grow their practices for over three decades. Her entrepreneurial spirit and her keen understanding of the dental market has made her a trusted strategic planner for numerous dental practices. Ingrid is dedicated to helping her clients establish, grow, and revive their brands. Her ongoing commitment and follow up ensure that each office she works with receives a customized experience tailored to their unique needs and marketing goals.
Michael Dinsio, MBA
@Next Level Consultants
With Michael, you won’t find him to be a consultant who claims to have all the answers. If Michael can’t provide what you need himself, he’ll always connect you with someone who can. With this approach, he is not your typical consultant. Representing one of the nation’s largest financial institutions since 2012, Michael has been on the front end of more than 300 dental start-ups and over 250 practice transitions from Alaska to Washington, Oregon to Colorado. Along the way, he has advised thousands of clients on best practices for navigating the often-complex process of launching a new dental practice or purchasing an existing clinic. Michael’s experience in analyzing thousands of cash flows and business models, makes him qualified to serve as a key business strategist and advisor for any healthcare professional. Through this experience, he became a national transition consultant and start-up coach, where he focused on helping doctors begin and grow their businesses.