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Cyber Security in an Industry 4.0 Scenario
The main paradigm of the Industry 4.0 is communication.
Communication between devices, between devices and services hosted in different plants, on local or worldwide-distributed corporate infrastructure or in service supplier infrastructure.
Connection to the cloud in no more a taboo and the “closed network” paradigm for industrial environment is no more applicable.
In this scenario, cyber security becomes a key point of any industry 4.0 solution.
The webinar will illustrate:
• how Tenova is approaching the Cyber security aspects of its IIoT platform
• The “Secure by Design” concept declined for Industrial Automation
• How technology such as OPC UA protocol adoption can help implementing secure industrial communication and ensuring data confidentiality.

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Sandro Varoli
Digital Transformation Software Senior Engineer @Tenova S.p.A.
Sandro has been working for more than 20 years as a software engineer designing and developing Industrial Automation solution in several different environments: plastic production, ceramics, automated storages and metals. Sandro has travelled extensively all over the world for commissioning of supervisions and level 2 automation systems. Sandro has also worked in software for banking and ticketing systems for a couple of years. In the last three years, Sandro has moved to Tenova’s Digital Transformation Team. Inside the team, he is working on the development of the Tenova IIoT Infrastructure taking the responsibility of the Cyber Security aspects of the solution.