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The Power of Voice Throughout the Customer Experience
Customer expectations are higher than ever. A single unpleasant experience can send customers to a brand's competitor, and frustrated customers who voice their complaints on social media can cause immediate large-scale damage.

For years, we have been hearing that “Voice is Dead”, but the reality is that voice plays a significant role throughout the customer journey. In fact, in more complex customer interactions, voice is king.

Forrester research shows that customers will call a business with a straightforward question about 40% of the time but will call 71% of the time when the issue or concern is more serious. This means voice interactions are often the make-or-break customer experiences — in other words, the ones that matter most.

During this conversational session, you will learn:
● How to elevate the customer experience with end-to-end customer service
● How enterprises can keep pace with customer diversity while delivering positive experiences
● The economic and operational considerations required to support the ever-changing customer experience


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Max Ball
Principal Analyst @Forrester
Joe Hagan
Chief Product Officer @LumenVox