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Applying the Ecological Career Counselling Model in Uncertain Times
Unprecedented uncertainty in work and life in general since the pandemic calls for a more proactive and systematic approach to career intervention.

The Ecological Career Counselling Model, is an innovative theoretical approach that emphasises meaning, making process and assessing resources and barriers across an ecosystem to develop agency and ecologically valid intervention. It could be a useful framework for career intervention during difficult and uncertain times.

The webinar will introduce The Ecological Career Counselling Model and its application in helping people develop career resilience through optimising resources, systematic intervention, and empowerment.

Learning Objectives:
1) broaden understanding of interaction individuals and environment from the ecological career counselling perspective;
2) facilitate empowerment and resilience building of individuals through ecological career counselling model;
3) illustrate specific examples of using the ecological career counselling model in helping people during adverse life events.

Professional Standards Competency - Career Development Theory

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Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania, ACT - 11:00
South Australia - 10:30
Queensland - 10:00
Northern Territory - 09:30
Western Australia - 08:00


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Feb 24, 2022 11:00 AM in Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

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Mei Tang
Professor, Doctoral Program Coordinator of Counselling Program in School of Human Services @University of Cincinnati
Mei Tang, Ph. D., LPC, Professor, Doctoral Program Coordinator of Counselling Program in School of Human Services at the University of Cincinnati. She has been a faculty member at UC and a counsellor educator for 25 years. Her teaching areas include career development, group, testing, internship, counselling theories, and doctoral seminars in ecological counselling and research. Dr. Tang’s research focus includes career development and assessment, cultural identity and acculturation, counsellor education and supervision, and application of ecological counselling. Her recent book is Career Development and Counselling: Theory and Practice of Multicultural World. She is the Editor of The Career Development Quarterly and has been the Associate Editor of Journal of Counselling and Development. Dr. Tang has collaborated with local school and community agencies to provide services to diverse population in urban settings.