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How to Help Bright but Disorganized Students Get their Thoughts Down on Paper
Has your child’s teacher ever told you their handwriting is too messy or they have trouble completing writing assignments? As kids get older, people might equate their messy writing as a sign of laziness, but that’s usually not the case!

In this webinar, we’ll help parents of elementary and middle school students look at all the puzzle pieces to see a clearer picture of what might really be going on behind the sloppy letters.

Educational Connections Founder Ann Dolin, M.Ed. will be joined by Physical Therapist Amy O’Malley and Occupational Therapist Sara Weiser of Good Beginnings to discuss:

✔ Some of the possible reasons behind their handwriting difficulties, including environmental, sensory, mechanical, visual motor, executive function, and more
✔ Easy at-home tests to help you pinpoint the problem or rule out specific issues
✔ Strategies and exercises to help build your child’s fine motor skills and strength at home, without going to therapy
✔ How to work with your child’s teacher about classroom accommodations, including optimal seating positions, noises, and lights
✔ Ways to talk with your child about their handwriting, self-advocacy, and what kind of help they need

With a greater understanding of the reasons why your child’s handwriting might be messy, you’ll feel confident in the best way to support them this year—and beyond. We can’t wait to see you there!

Feb 9, 2022 11:00 AM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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