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Cases into Causes, Causes into a Movement: How can Individual Campaigns Lead to Collective Justice and Structural Change?

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Simba Mujakachi
@Justice for Simba Campaign
Simba Mujakachi lives in Sheffield with his partner Melissa. In 2019, he was given a bill of £100,000 for the emergency life-saving NHS treatment he needed, because of his immigration status. He is now campaigning against the Hostile Environment in the NHS, including all migrant charging.
Dorothea Jones
@The Monitoring Group
Dorothea Jones has been at Monitoring Group for nearly 5 years. She joined as a race advocate and is now a newly appointed co-director. She initially sought assistance as a client from The Monitoring Group when her youngest son was 11 and racially abused in a London primary school. Dorothea has an MA in Woman and Child Abuse from CWASU - (Child and Woman Abuse Studies Unit) with specialism in examining the intersections between race, class and gender. Dorothea co-ordinates The Monitoring Group’s social media team and is involved in various campaigns including Justice for Christopher Kapessa, Southall Resists 40 and Hands off Tudor Rose Campaigns.
Zo Daniels
@Collective Action LDN
Zo Daniels is an equal rights campaigner and educator, she supports organising groups like Collective Action LDN, and is the Vice Chair for All in One Education. She is a firm believer that education and collective action is what will set us free and advocates for abolition of prisons, police and borders.