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Future U: How to Prepare Your Child NOW for the Next Phase in Education
How to Prepare Your Child NOW for the Next Phase in Education
It’s becoming harder and harder to tell our kids and grandkids that spending six figures for an undergraduate degree is the only way to prepare for the future. The time has come to explore the future of higher education and alternatives that may better prepare our youth for rewarding careers.

Join authors Ben Lytle and Kerry Hannon for a powerful new webinar series that addresses parents' top concerns surrounding this extremely important life decision.

Session #1: Higher Ed’s Big Problem: Is College as it Exists Today Prepared to Contribute to Our Kids’ Success?

Session #2: The Education System of the Future: The Democratized Personalization of Education

Session #3: The Potentialist’s Action Plan: Prepare Your Child for the New Reality, Not the Industrial Age
Apr 19, 2023 04:00 PM
Apr 26, 2023 04:00 PM
May 3, 2023 04:00 PM
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Ben Lytle
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Ben Lytle
Author, Speaker
Ben Lytle, author of The Potentialist series, is a serial entrepreneur and innovator known for being ahead of the curve. He launched five successful companies, including two on the New York Stock Exchange, and now travels the country sharing his pragmatic optimism and vision for the future.
Kerry Hannon
Author, Speaker
Kerry Hannon is a workplace futurist and strategist on career transitions, entrepreneurship, personal finance and retirement. Kerry is currently a senior columnist for Yahoo Finance and an on-air expert.