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[WEBINAR] Destroying the Barrier to Sophisticated Detection and Response
Your security infrastructure is under attack. And your SOC team is drowning in alerts from the entire security stack. Something is broken—and that’s where advanced detection and response comes in. When your organization has real-time, adversary-generated threat intelligence, it makes it easy to cut through the fog of data and get a concrete idea of what’s happening inside and outside your networks.

But now, the barrier to foolproof threat detection and implementation of sophisticated active defense has been destroyed.

If you want to implement sophisticated active defense, don’t miss this webinar. Join Richard Barrell, Head of Product Management at CounterCraft, and Dan Brett, Chief Product Officer, demonstrate how the recently released version of The PlatformTM has 170 new features that enable security teams to detect and respond to threats quickly and efficiently while protecting their organization through deception based strategies.

Now, implementing the power of cyber deception is as easy as drag and drop, and the results are shockingly credible. Tune in to this webinar to see:
✔️ Real life examples of how to create threat detection campaigns in a matter of minutes, which will automatically gather some of the most useful and relevant threat intel your team has ever seen.
✔️ How users of The Platform identify the most difficult-to-detect risks and mitigate them immediately, thanks to high-power automation and simplification.
✔️ How, just like a leading global bank client, your organization can eliminate the barrier to sophisticated detection and response operations.

The barrier to foolproof threat detection and implementation of sophisticated detection and response has been destroyed.

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Richard Barrell
Head of Product Management
Dan Brett
Chief Product Officer