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Agenda for IRINN OPM 2020 -

1) IRINN affiliates status
2) Resource allocation status
3) Number of affiliates
4) IPv4 and IPv6 allocation status in IRINN
5) State wise allocation
6) ASN allocation
7) IPv4 status in APNIC region
8) IPv6 propagation in India
9) IRINN policy update (inline with APNIC policy). Implemented policies at
Prop 132 - RPKI ROA's for unallocated and unassigned APNIC address space
(was: AS0 for Bogons)
10) ROA definition, Why ROA ? , Number of ROAs created
11) Update on WHOIS in MyIRINN portal
12) IRINN staff introduction managing resources on behalf of affiliates
13) IX update
14) IDN's are available in all 22 official Indian languages.

Aug 7, 2020 12:30 PM in India

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