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Security issues in therapeutic and forensic hospitals: What are they, and what can we learn from these approaches?
Security personnel working in therapeutic and forensic hospital settings face risks on a daily-basis that are profoundly different to those encountered in other security environments, including other types of healthcare settings, and they can be extremely challenging. Three types of security must be considered – physical, procedural and relational. Physical security however needs to go beyond providing protection for people and assets, to ensuring safe living conditions for patients and a safe and stable environment where they can both receive treatment and test their progress. Likewise, procedural security needs to provide a system which anchors therapeutic activities to structure and routine. Relational security is having the knowledge and understanding of patients and of their environment and translating this information into appropriate responses and care. It is a continuous process and doing well is dependent on working as a team and learning from experiences and incidents.

This webinar will discuss:

- The nature of security in therapeutic and forensic hospital settings
- The challenges of balancing therapeutic needs with safety and security
- What those working in other security environments can learn from these approaches

Nov 25, 2021 03:30 PM in London

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