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The role of government bonds as diversifiers of cyclical risk
Join Ugo Montrucchio, Head of Multi-Asset Investments, Europe at Schroders as he shares and unpacks how:

• Government bonds have acted as
important stabilisers in portfolios over
the past three decades as hedges
against growth risk.

• Could they continue to play the same
role moving forward if the current
inflationary pressures persist?

• Do we need government bonds in our
portfolios or where else should we be
considering safe haven from here


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Ugo Montrucchio
Head of Multi-Asset Investments, Europe, UK & US Balanced @Schroders
Joined Schroders in December 2013 and is based in London. Ugo manages assets on behalf of Multi-Asset clients across UK and Europe and is a member of the credit risk premia research team. Prior to joining Schroders, Ugo worked as a Director at BlackRock from 2007 (formerly Barclays Global Investors) where he was the lead portfolio manager specialising in diversified growth and risk parity strategies. He joined as a research associate in 2006 in the Liability Driven Investment (LDI) Team. Prior to this, Ugo worked as a fixed income investment analyst at Barings Asset Management from 2004 to 2006. He was the joint portfolio manager specialising in a bespoke cash-based LDI strategy. Ugo’s career commenced in 2000 at Barra International Ltd, where he worked as a consultant to portfolio/risk managers. CFA and CAIA Charterholder. BSc in Economics, Turin (Italy); MSc Finance, Greenwich (UK).