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The Beauty of MEcommerce Part 2: A Shopify panel discussion with Stryx, Jill Razor, and Vegamour
We call it MEcommerce because consumers shopping online want brands to put their needs first, not the traditional gimmicks. Retailers who are truly innovators it can be hard to understand those needs and educate consumers because there is now historical information for something new. So how do you find out what consumers want? Ask them.

Stryx, Jill Razor and Vegamour are offering products to a nontraditional audience, breaking down social norms. Stryx, who was recently featured on Shark Tank (and got funding btw), offers skincare products and concealer for men. Jill Razor is educating women on the ins and outs of face shaving and offering blades to add to their beauty routine. Vegamour takes a holistic approach to hair wellness for women that incorporates clinically tested plant-based ingredients that work in tandem to promote growth of healthy beautiful hair.

Not only are they providing ground breaking products, but they are creating engaging experiences that are helping them learn more about their customers while educating them on what they offer. Join speakers from Stryx, Jill Razor, and Vegamour for a Shopify panel discussion on June 14, 2022 at 1pm ET / 10 am PT.

During this discussion you will learn:
Strategies for driving eCommerce growth on Shopify
How to leverage Shopify applications such as Jebbit and Klaviyo to engage consumers
Do’s and Don’ts for marketing to today’s digital consumers


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Silas Bush
Head of Growth @Stryx
Britanny Carter
Head of Digital Product @Vegamour
Kishawn Meeranazeer
CEO & Co-Founder @Jill Razor