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Commercialisation: Transitioning from the Physical to the Digital
In this webinar, we will be exploring the ways that COVID-19 has forced cultural institutions to rethink ‘commercial’ and adapt to a digital approach in the absence of our usual footfall.

Drawing upon various examples and lessons learned from lockdown, we will flag the key things to consider when going digital, and some of the tools at the disposal of such organisations that can be leveraged.

- Abbie Enock, Founder & Chair of Capture
- Matt Bailey, Director at PICSEL

The session will include a live Q&A with Abbie and Matt.

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Oct 7, 2020 11:00 AM in London

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Abbie Enock
Founder & Chair @Capture
Abbie Enock is the founder and chair of Capture, a leading digital asset management company. Specialising in media management, rights, licensing, metadata, finance and royalties, their configurable solutions and expert services help a range of organisations – covering museums and heritage, commercial image agencies, publishers, global brands and government bodies – to manage, protect, license and maximise the value of images, video, documents, and all other digital content.
Matt Bailey
Director @PICSEL
Matthew Bailey is a Director at PISCEL, a not-for-profit organisation whose key objective is to ensure that all visual artists, creators and representative rights holders, in the UK and abroad, can claim royalty payments more effectively.