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Recruitment in a Competitive Market
The world of work has been rapidly evolving. The recent pandemic accelerated the shift and necessitated new measures to cope with novel challenges. With the influx of new work models, talent management is now at a crucial cusp. Talent acquisition, too, has been revisited in last two years in response to obstacles like the great resignation.
There's an absolute business impact between hiring right talent and the bottom line.
Recruiting new employees is not cheap. Many employers estimate the total cost to hire a new employee can be three to four times the position's salary.
Today recruiting strategies are prompted by hypercompetitive labor market, including hiring to train and developing internal talent, reprioritizing what is expected from recruiters, and perfecting the candidate experience.

Join us on this webinar; together with our panel of experts, we explore:

• Why do existing hiring practices need revisiting? And, how is talent acquisition in the 2020s different from the 2010s?
• The role of technology in new-age talent acquisition goes beyond resumes and geographies
• The new ways to engage and hire your target audience for the best ROI
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