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Silage storage optimisation, getting the most from your investment
1st. Webinar May 12, 2022. “Silage clamp design, important points to consider”

• Silage clamp options – which design suits you best, and how to decide?
• Materials to be used in construction – concrete and asphalt
• Silage clamp safety – points to consider when you design your clamp
• Future-proofing your silage clamp design – what will the future look like
• Conclusion

2nd. Webinar June 9, 2022. “Silage clamp management, how to work with your silage storage”

• Understanding losses – where, when and how do losses occur?
• Filling the clamp – top tips
• Emptying the clamp – top tips
• Covering the clamp – top tips
• Silage clamp safety- improving the safety of silage making
• Conclusion

3rd. Webinar July 20, 2022. “Silage Protection – the best way to sheet and cover your silage clamp to produce high-quality silage year after year.”

• The importance of sidewall film (before you begin filling the clamp)
• O2 barrier silage film vs basic black plastic
• Silage Covers – why they are important
• Woven vs Knitte
• Hold everything in

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Oliver Peck
Sales Director @ARK Agriculture
Oliver is the Sales Director for ARK Agriculture and has been with the company since 2015. Oliver is responsible for advertising, marketing, and sales of ARK Agriculture’s range of silage films, silage covers, and gravel bags.
Will Wilson
Business Development Director @ARK Agriculture
Will Wilson is the Business Development Director for ARK Agriculture, specialists in silage storage. ARK Agriculture supplies silage clamps and silage covers across the UK and internationally for biogas and livestock farmers, with over 150 sites using our clamps in the UK. Will helped develop the business from its conception in 2013. His background is in practical farm and business management, which helps him understand ways silage storage can be improved at a farm level.
Maruzaan Booyze
Sales Associate @Armando Alvarez Group
Maruzaan is based in Johannesburg, South Africa. She is BSc in Animal Science. Thereafter followed with a focus on animal nutrition. She was technical sales advisor selling silage inoculants, giving technical support to farmers on quality silage practises and writing reports on methods the farmer can implement to improve silage quality based on measurements and assessments performed on farm. Currently, she is Sales Associate in the Sub-Sahara Africa Armando Alvarez Group. Her work into the Armando Alvarez Group includes technical support of the export team on silage management, specialised silage films and silage systems.