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Domestic Extremism: What Security Teams Should Know
Corporate security teams are understandably concerned about the heightened potential for ideologically-motivated violence from Domestic Violent Extremists (DVEs) in the United States. Understanding motivations and the threat to your organization by external and internal actors is critical to inform security planning.

There are many challenges associated with DVEs. Ideologies are persistent and easily leveraged by social media, giving groups staying power. Recruitment is simple and quick through the Internet, shortening the ‘radicalization to operation’ cycle. This phenomenon accelerated during the pandemic.

Soft targets are abundant in the U.S., and many corporate facilities fall into that category or are located near a possible target and could get caught up in an attack. Organizations are also vulnerable to insider threat, currently a primary security concern at the Department of Defense.

Which ideologies and groups present the greatest risks to personnel and corporate assets, and which are fleeting and simply grabbing headlines?

Join us for a dynamic discussion with Dr. Jennifer Hesterman, an expert in terrorist organizations and hardening soft targets. Dr. Hesterman will share her research and insights to help security teams understand the potential threat of DVEs.

Key Discussion Topics:
• What is extremism? Why do people radicalize? How do ideologies evolve?
• What are the primary DVE groups, motivations and tactics?
• What specific threats do different DVEs pose and how might they bring danger to your doorstep
• Why is insider threat on the rise and how can we deter, detect and mitigate?
• Practical steps security professionals can take to manage risks presented by DVEs.

Jun 17, 2021 02:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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