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Maximising the potential of big data and protecting people’s privacy: the challenges for the security sector (Sponsored by Bidvest Noonan)
In security we are well versed with the argument that big data spells enormous opportunities for the security sector. Also, that it presents dangers, in, for example, it not being used to its full potential, that its benefits may be mis sold and crucially that hard won civil liberties and privacy protections will be undermined. In this period of Covid-19 we have witnessed the widespread benefits, for public health in particular, of track and trace systems, and yet there are widespread security concerns about these too. So where are we now with big data and what are the implications for the security sector?

• What are the benefits and threats of big data use for the security sector?
• To what extent have changes brought about by Covid-19 impacted on our faith in and concerns about big data?
• How useful can big data be?

Aug 13, 2020 03:30 PM in London

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