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Linode Cloud Webinar
Webinar: "How OTTs Save Money and Improve Performance by Streaming Video on the Alternative Cloud"


Mar 24, 2021 12:36 PM

Hosted by OTT Executive; sponsored by Linode
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Garvan Doyle & Blaze Cerovcec
Co-Founders @MIXR
Garvan Doyle: A graduating Software Engineering Student at the University of Western Ontario with a passion for solving complex problems. Hands on experience with a modern webRTC based video chatting technology stack. With a focus on the scalability of media server infrastructure while minimizing operational costs, maintaining high availability, and maximizing excellent user experience. * Blaze Cerovcec: A driven 4th Year Software Engineering Student with a love for designing and building apps that people want to use. Co-founder of Mixronline, focused on constant innovation, problem solving and reinventing how people interact online.
Chris Allen
CEO @Red5 Pro
Chris Allen is an international speaker, software inventor and entrepreneur based in Boston, MA. He co-founded the open source Flash server Red5, where he and his team of volunteers reverse engineered Flash's RTMP protocol. He started the company Infrared5, a technology services company, in 2007 where he serves as its President. He is also an author on The Essential Guide to Open Source Flash from Friends of Ed.
Mike Maney
Head of Corporate Communications @Linode
Mike helps companies and their people tell better stories. His background includes executive roles in the Fortune 50, as well as roll-up-his-sleeves work with early stage startups. He’s led global communications teams for high profile, culture shifting emerging businesses at IBM and Alcatel-Lucent (where he co-founded a global movement called Corporate Rebels United). He served as the first Vice President of Brand and Communications at Cloud Foundry Foundation. He built the corporate communications function for alternative cloud provider Linode.