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When less is more - depleting uninformative genes for single cell RNA sequencing
Discover the Jumpcode Single Cell RNA Boost Kit

Ready to increase single cell isoform detection and cell identification? Single cell transcriptomic has transformed how discoveries are made in disease research. Currently, single cell isoform information is limited by short-read sequencing as it only captures gene-level information. Additionally, existing single cell data are often cluttered by the higher percentage of uninformative genes that do not help with differentiating cell hetergeneity.

With the combination of the Jumpcode Single Cell RNA Boost Kit, PacBio MAS-Seq Kit, and 10x Genomics Single Cell 3' Kit you can now remove uninformative reads before sequencing - maximizing usable single cell RNA sequencing data, isoform detection and cell identification.

Join our upcoming webinar to learn how the combination of these tools will enable you to:
- Boost usable single cell sequencing reads
- Detect more isoforms
- Increase full transcript coverage
- Identify rare cell types


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Smita Pathak
Associate Director, Customer Solutions @Jumpcode Genomics
Smita Pathak is an Associate Director at Jumpcode Genomics. She received her PhD from UCSD in 2008, where she studied reactive gliosis in neural tissues and used quantum dots to label genes implicated in neurodegenerative disease. From there, she joined Illumina as a bench scientist and worked for 8 years contributing to reagent development and sustaining, sample preparation kit development, and sequencer development. She transitioned to the commercial team in 2017 where she designed custom products for genotyping and sequencing and helped customers along their journeys from product design to technical support and troubleshooting downstream. She joined Jumpcode this year and is excited to continue to help customers achieve success with Jumpcode's growing product offerings.
Dante DeAscanis
Research Associate II @Jumpcode Genomics
Dante DeAscanis is a Research Associate II at Jumpcode Genomics. Dante received his Master of Science from the University of South Florida in cell and molecular biology working in Dr. Younghoon Kee’s lab. His thesis focused on discovering new mechanisms regulating euchromatin stability during DNA repair. During this time, he gained experience working with CRISPR and transitioned into his expertise into industry. He has experience ranging from using genetic perturbation assays in human cell cultures to performing scRNA-seq analysis
Elizabeth Tseng
Associate Director of Product Marketing @Pacific Biosciences
Liz Tseng is an Associate Director in product marketing at PacBio, responsible for RNA and gene therapy applications. She received her PhD in Computer Science from the University of Washington.
Carolyn A. Morrison, Ph.D.
Applications Scientist @10x Genomics
Carolyn Morrison is an Applications Scientist at 10x Genomics. Prior to joining 10x, she obtained her Ph.D. in Developmental Genetics from NYU Langone, where her research was focused on the role of master transcriptional regulators in determining cell fate specification. As part of the 10x Genomics Applications team, she showcases the power of 10x technologies in addressing complex biological questions.