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XPA (Experience Platform Admin) Learning Kick Off
As a customer you qualify for a free XPA (Experience Platform Admin). Having someone on your team that’s trained and certified will open lots of existing/new features and functionalities for your company. This is a lightweight training that will make you an expert by way of online learning, in person training at our Create WOW Summit and virtual sessions.

What’s in it for your company?
Like a Salesforce Administrator, an XPA will help your business identify, design, connect, and launch products and campaigns to maximize the value of the XMP for your company. Having in-house expertise will lead to new workflows and outcomes for your company as admins can launch campaigns in minutes not months.

What’s in it for the XPA?
Unlock admin features, be in partnership with Experience.com teammates, internal releases and materials, roadmap and more. This career development will benchmark a candidate’s expertise in experience management and pursue better business outcomes.


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