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Webinar: IT project disputes and how to run a project failure claim without panicking 5pm on 26 January
This Tech Disputes Network webinar will focus on how to take the stress out of managing complex project failure claims in the IT sector.

Software development, implementation and transformation projects give rise to some of the most complex disputes in the tech space. Claims can cover years of delay, vast numbers of functionality variances and thousands of individual breaches spanning a number of years. Disputes often involve large numbers of legal, factual and technical issues, multiple experts and huge volumes of documents. They can be especially daunting the first time you come across one of these projects.

In this session, experienced panellists will answer some of the big questions about running one of these projects. Speakers include:

Gideon Shirazi, barrister at 4 Pump Court (chair)
Matthew Lavy, barrister at 4 Pump Court
William Hooper, IT expert at Oareborough Consulting
Michael Cumming-Bruce, senior associate at Cooke, Young & Keidan

Topics will include:
• How to see the wood from the trees in the vast numbers of breaches
• When software is defective, and when it is just buggy
• How to put together a project failure claim
• How to deal with quantum
• What key documents you need to get early on
• How to get the best from your experts
• How to manage the vast number of documents in the claim
• What you need to evidence your claim
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