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Heavybit Speaker Series: Customer Health Insights w/ Looker's Colin Zima
One persistent challenge at startups is deciding where to spend your time; which prospects you invest sales and marketing resources into, what new features you build, who and when you hire, and the list goes on. This prioritization is more important than ever as founders are focused on preserving runway and staying alive. A framework for defining customer health can have an enormous impact on your entire business, and help you make the right decisions more often.

In this Speaker Series presentation, Looker’s Chief Analytics Officer and VP Strategy Colin Zima will outline how to define and build your own customer health dashboard, and use it to inform every aspect of your business. Colin will share a number of benefits to building a customer health scoring system, including:

- Discovering ‘magic moments’ in your product adoption cycle and optimizing your onboarding for them;
- Clearly understanding when to spend time with unhappy customers to make them happy, vs spending time with happy customers to make them even happier; and
- Augmenting your Customer Success team to increase retention and customer growth.

Jun 18, 2020 12:00 PM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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Colin Zima
Chief Analytics Officer and VP Strategy @Looker
Colin Zima is Chief Analytics Officer and VP Strategy at Looker where he employs data to drive better decision making. Prior to Looker, Colin served as the Director of Data Science and Business Intelligence at HotelTonight, which he joined through the acquisition of his start-up, PrimaTable. Prior to founding PrimaTable, Colin spent several years as a statistician at Google in search ranking.